We are accepting applications for the "World Mongol" scholarship program.

Elbegdorj Institute (EBI) and World Mongol Federation are announcing our joint scholarship program in order to strengthen the harmony and cooperation of the Mongols in the world and to pass on the Mongolian language, history, culture, and Mongolian pride from generation to generation. The purpose of  the "World Mongol" scholarship is to support the students and young people of Mongol ethnicity who are currently studying at Mongolian universities or an institution.

Scholarship Scope:

  1. Mongols from Kalmykia, Tuva, Buryatia, and Altai Republics of the Russian Federation;
  2. Students and young people belonging to Upper Mongol in Qinghai /Khukh nuur/ province, Xinjiang Mongol, Southern (Inner) Mongolia, and Mongols of other province of People's Republic of China; and
  3. Due to the situation in the world, there are young people who came to Mongolia from Russia and are planning to study in a university program or a language preparation course in Mongolia, who can apply.

Students and young people of Mongol ethnicity in the above region and localities who are studying for bachelor's or master's degrees in Mongolia and who belong to the 3rd section of the scope will be given a specific tuition fee scholarship.

Purpose of Scholarship:

The best students and young people who will be the future leaders of the Mongol ethnicity:

  • Introduction to Mongolian culture, tradition, history, and social life;
  • In the future, to contribute to the development of Mongolia and to support the opportunity to work and live in Mongolia;
  • In the future, students and young people will make a valuable contribution as an intermediary in increasing relations with the Mongol nations of the world; and
  • Ensure the participation and contribution of Mongolia in the international arena to strengthen the harmony and cooperation of the Mongol ethnicities.


  • Scholarship applicants must be representative of the scope of the scholarship;
  • Be interested in working and living in Mongolia in the future;
  • Be interested in participating in and organizing activities to strengthen cooperation of Mongol ethnicity;
  • Have an appropriate level of knowledge of Mongolian and English;
  • Be interested in active and leadership participation in the community;

How to apply:

In order to apply for the World Mongol Scholarship Program, the applicant will follow the steps below:

When applying, complete the online application form in either Mongolian or English and attach the required documents.

Documents to attach:

  • Transcript of the most recent semester, /high school transcript if a freshman/;                                                  Note: Applicants who belong to section 3 of the scope section /see the scholarship scope/ should attach their CV;
  • The Confirmation of Studies from a university or institution;
  • One Letter of Recommendation from individuals who can attest to your academic and professional abilities;
  • A copy of a foreign passport and identity card should be attached to the online form.

Submission deadline

Until 00:00 am on December 5.

Shortlisted participants will be invited for an interview.

The Scholarship Commission will make a decision based on the candidate's true desire to study, future work and life in Mongolia, academic achievement, social activity, and other personal achievements.

The final result of the scholarship will be posted on the website www.worldmongol.org and will be notified by phone and email.

Please contact info@wmc.mn , call 90808511 and 70000998 for information related to the scholarship!

Scholarship Commission

World Mongol Federation

Elbegdorj Institute (EBI Institute)

November 16, 2022

The event is finished.


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