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An Open Letter to the International Community Concerning the Deterioration of Democracy in Mongolia

The 20th of May, 2024

We are a collective of individuals residing abroad, advocating for our respective communities of Mongolian heritage who live outside the current borders of the state of Mongolia yet still on their ancestral Mongolian homeland. We are writing to you with grave concerns about the deteriorating state of democracy and civil rights in the independent country of Mongolia over the recent decade or so, most particularly during the past eight years under the leadership of the Mongolian People's Party (MPP), formerly the Communists. Of utmost concern are the outcomes of the last two election cycles in Mongolia, marked by pervasive patrimonialism, corruption, and manipulation orchestrated by the MPP.

This issue deeply concerns us because, as members of the Mongolian diaspora, we are intimately familiar with the stark contrast between the democratic values cherished in Mongolia and the harsh realities faced by our brethren living under Chinese and Russian rules.

The democratic system, freedom of expression and assembly, and the free elections enjoyed by our brothers and sisters of the same ethnic as well as cultural origins in Mongolia, has always been the great joy, pride, comfort as well as hope for our people. Especially for those whose homelands are unjustly deprived under oppressive regimes. Therefore, we deeply understand that principles of democracy, freedom of expression, and the rule of law are not only fundamental to the well-being and prosperity of societies but are also deeply intertwined with the preservation of national sovereignty and ethnic and cultural identity.

Mongolia, sandwiched between two totalitarian states with historical as well as continuous ambitions over its territory, stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in a region fraught with geopolitical tensions. The erosion of democracy in Mongolia not only undermines the rights and liberties of its citizens but also poses a grave threat to the sovereignty and independence of the state. As members of the Mongolian diaspora, representing diverse ethnic backgrounds and geographic regions, we view the preservation of Mongolian democracy not merely as a political aspiration but as a matter of existential importance.

We urge the international community, legislative and executive authorities in the leading democracies of the world to closely monitor the situation in Mongolia and to use their influence and leverage to address these pressing concerns. Specifically, we call upon your government or organisation to:

  1. Condemn the erosion of democracy and civil rights in Mongolia under the leadership of the MPP and Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai.
  2. Advocate for the protection of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, assembly, and the press, in Mongolia.
  3. Pressure the Mongolian government to respect the rule of law and uphold the principles of democracy and human rights.
  4. Support efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance in Mongolia.
  5. Consider imposing targeted sanctions or other diplomatic measures against individuals responsible for human rights abuses and anti-democratic actions in Mongolia.

Furthermore, we implore democratic societies to exert pressure on the current Mongolian authorities, urging them to facilitate fair and equitable opportunities for all political parties, safeguard individual political rights, and rectify the grievously mismanaged electoral processes in Mongolia. The current ruling party and its government must cease their ruthless, calculated, and systematic efforts to undermine a united and effective opposition, stifle dissenting voices within the public sphere, erode the basic legal and constitutional rights of its citizens, and perpetuate the unchecked expansion and empowerment of the state bureaucracy with its predatory inclinations.

The international community, together with the community of democracies and the people of Mongolia, must steadfastly oppose any attempts, whether internal or external, to suffocate their freedoms and democratic aspirations. It is imperative to stand in solidarity with democratic groups in Mongolia, preserving it as a beacon of democracy amidst an otherwise turbulent geopolitical landscape.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We trust that you will take the necessary actions to address the deteriorating situation in Mongolia and to support the aspirations of the Mongolian people for democracy, freedom, and justice.


Altan Seseg – Buryat Folk Dance Ensemble, USA

Buryaad Mongol United Association Inc., USA

Committee of Buryat Independence, USA

Congress of the Buryat People, USA

Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE), USA

Inner Mongolia People’s Party’s, Japan

InterMongol Network, USA

Kalmyk Mongolian Buddhist Center, USA

Mongol Heritage Foundation, USA

Oirat-Kalmyk People’s Congress, USA

Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, USA

Tusgaar Buryad Mongolia, USA

World Mongol Federation – Europe, Sweden

World Mongol Federation – Japan, Tokya

World Mongol Federation – USA

Zerd – Mongol Folk Music Group, USA