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Today is Southern Mongolia Support Day, May 11

12 years have passed since the tragic loss of Mergen, a courageous herder who valiantly defended the grasslands of Southern Mongolia.

On May 11, 2011, Mergen, a Mongolian herder, met his untimely demise at the hands of a Chinese coal hauling truck in the Shiliin-gol League of Southern Mongolia. His crime? Protecting his grazing land from encroaching Chinese miners. Despite numerous efforts by the provincial government to address the issue, the Chinese miners persisted in their disregard for local concerns. Frustrated herders banded together to safeguard their pastures and water sources.

In a desperate bid to protest the incessant noise and pollution caused by coal trucks, Mergen and fellow herders staged a blockade of the transport route. Tragically, a Chinese driver named Li Lindung callously struck Mergen with his truck, dragging him 145 meters to his death.

Mergen's death, along with the ongoing struggles of Southern Mongolian citizens against Chinese coal miners, ignited widespread protests. Herders and students alike demanded the preservation of Mongolian culture and nomadic lifestyles.

Today, our hearts stand with our fellow Mongolians who bravely defend their land, language, and heritage against egregious human rights violations under the Chinese regime. As such, the United Board of the World Mongol Federation has declared this day as "Southern Mongolia Support Day."

Let us, as a global community of Mongols, unite in solidarity with Southern Mongolians, lending our unwavering support on this significant day.

Song for the Mergen 

Mergen, a herder from Southern Mongolia, was killed defending his pastureland and protesting. Southern Mongolian rap singers released a song called "Hero of the Grasslands" for him who bravely fought for his land.

Here is the English translation of the lyrics.
Click HERE to listen to the song

"Hero of the Grasslands"

Yo, I am a Mongol even if I sing my rap in Chinese
No matter what you say, I am a Mongol
Mongolian blood flows in my veins
The vast Mongolian steppe is my homeland
Once green Mongolian plateau turned to yellow
Beautiful grasslands turning to desert
The government says it is the herders' fault
Have you ever thought about it carefully?
Whose fault is it really?
Overgrazing is a myth and a lie
We have grazed animals here for thousands of years
Why has the desertification started since only a few decades ago?
How many people are coming here to open up mines and plunder our resources?
How many people are coming here to cultivate the grasslands and plant those crops?
How many dams are built to deplete the water that sustains the grassland?
How many rivers are stopped to water the farm lands?
Our homeland is ruined like this
Thats why I say damn shit your "Western Development"
You sacrifice our environment, develop your economy and spend the money made out of it
With the leftovers you hire the dogs to oppress us
Halt all industries and projects that destroy our grassland ecosystem!
Grassland is the mother of all Mongols that can no longer survive the destruction
On May 11 something happened there
Something that broke the hearts of all Mongols
A fellow Mongol was intentionally killed
Mergen is his name
The name means intelligence and wisdom
He woke us all with his death
United herders finally stood up
Together we demonstrated to mourn a son of the grasslands
For what cause had Gaadaa Meirin fought against [the Chinese]?
I am sure it refreshed the memory of every Mongolian
When the truck wheels crashed over his head
When the herders became completely helpless
The arrogant driver even claimed
A herder's life costs no more than 400,000 (yuan)
Flame of anger started to set the prairie ablaze
We are arrows bundled together tightly
No one can sever the bonds of souls and minds among us
We stand together to protest
We march together bravely
Right Ujumchin, Left Ujumchin, plus Shuluun Huh and Huveet Shar
No matter where we are from, we are always together
To protest strongly against the violence the authorities applied against us
Peaceful protest is a right of the people
When this huge event is taking place, you pretend as if nothing happened
No single word is mentioned in CCAV[1]
"Social harmony" (he xie in Chinese) flooded the Internet, but no one knows what the exact situation is
Internet sites in China are damn shit
Mother f**king Ren Ren Site ( deletes all Mongolians posts
Mother f**king micro blog ( removes my blog
Mother f**king the State Security, mother f**king "tea invitation" (meaning detention, "bei he cha" in Chinese)
Mother f**kers, I will say whatever I want to say
I want freedom, yes, return my freedom
I want freedom, return my freedom
Saying singing is mine