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"World Mongol" Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony was held

The "World Mongolia" scholarship is being implemented for the 2nd year. This year the Elbegdorj Institute and the World Mongol Federation are carried out jointly by the Mongolia and US branches and the National University of Mongolia. The scholarship is intended for students of Mongol ethnicity, such as Kalmyk, Tuva, Buryat, Altai, Southern Mongol, Upper Mongol, and Xinjiang Mongol, who are studying in universities in Mongolia. In addition to providing specific personal support for tuition fees, the scholarship also includes selected young people in a development program from February to May. Also, this year, young people will be divided into teams and implement micro-projects that will benefit society.

This year, 11 students from Buryat, Kalmyk, Southern Mongolia, and Upper Mongolia, and Altai took the lead among the many students who submitted materials and received their certificates.

The purpose of the scholarship:  Through the scholarship, to strengthen the harmony and cooperation of the Mongol ethnic groups, and to support Mongol youth who wish to live and work in Mongolia and contribute to its development.

The goal of the scholarship is for the best students and young people who are the future of the World Mongols.

  • Introduction to Mongolian culture, tradition, history, and social life;
  • To support them to contribute to the development of the country where they live and work in Mongolia;
  • To make a valuable contribution as an intermediary to increase Mongolia's relations with the World Mongol;

Scholarship applicants are required to meet the following requirements. It includes:

  • Be interested in working and living in Mongolia in the future;
  • Be interested in participating in and organizing activities to strengthen the cooperation of Mongols;
  • Have an appropriate level of knowledge of Mongolian and English;
  • Be interested in active and leadership participation in the community.

Acknowledgments: This year's scholarship is provided by the donations of the "World Mongol" scholarship sponsors. We want to express our sincere thanks to the members of the US branch of the World Mongol Federation, Enkhbat Toochog , Chuluu Ujiyeedin, and Sanj Altan, who donated the majority of the World Mongol Scholarship, and to all those who donated at the UB Book Festival. 100% of your donation will go toward the tuition of scholarship recipients.

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