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Experience of the "World Mongol" scholarship holder

I have spent the past six months in happiness, and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. I was honored to be part of the family of the World Mongol Federation (WMF) and Institute (EBI) and to receive a World Mongol scholarship.
After I stumbled across the announcement about the World Mongol scholarship on Facebook last winter, and then I applied for the scholarship immediately. I remember very clearly that on December 19th, 2022, I received the email that I had passed the initial review, and that I was to participate in the interview. After the screening, the federation selected 12 people from over 30 people. This was how I was selected to be a member of the first batch of World Mongol scholarship recipients.
Young people from Kalmyk, Tuva, Buryat, Altai, and Southern Mongolia received the "World Mongol" scholarship of WMF, EBI. The federation not only provides a one-time scholarship that can be used to pay for university tuition but also held various activities to help the 12 students study in Mongolia to understand Mongolian culture deeply and encourage them to live in and help develop Mongolia.
From January 2023 to June 2023, we participated in these activities by the World Mongol Federation, and we had an average of two activities per month. For example, these included:
- Scholarship award ceremony
- Mongolian culture days
- Visit herdsmen’s homes during the Tsagaan Sar
- Unforgettable mountain climbing group activity on March 8th
- Visit Parliament buildings
- Sports activities
- Visit greenhouses and egg factories
- Lectures
- Closing Ceremony and Farewell Dinner
I have gained a lot from it, met new friends, and learned more about Mongolia. The most important thing for me is that I am from Hulun Buir, Southern Mongolia, and I felt deeply respected, warmly accepted, and treated equally. I was moved by their kindness, tolerance, and selfless dedication. These things I have experienced here mean far more than the scholarships I could win.
I am deeply grateful to World Mongol Federation - Unitas, Libertas, Felicitas and Elbegdorj Institute - Элбэгдорж Хүрээлэн and to Elbegdorj Tsakhia. I also extend my gratitude to Buuveikhuu Ganbat Purevjargal Erdenetsogt and N Zolzaya who spent their precious time organizing these events for all of us.
One of the recipients of the World Mongol scholarship 
Next year's program is going to continue, people who are interested in participating follow and check out the page and websites of the World Mongol Federation. ->*F
"World Mongol" scholarship will not only provide certain personal support for tuition fees but will also include selected young people in a development program for a period of 6 months.
The "World Mongol" student scholarship program is jointly organized by "Elbegdorj Institute" (EBI) and the "World Mongol Federation".
Mongol Mongoloo Khairlay! 

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