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"World Mongol" scholarship program has been implemented for 6 months.

Elbegdorj Institute and the World Mongol Federation jointly implemented the "World Mongol" scholarship program for students of Mongolian ethnicity which includes students from Southern Mongolia, Altai, Buryat, Kalimyk, and Tuva, who are studying in universities in Mongolia. In addition to providing tuition fees, we also organized the program with some activities for personal development in 5 months. The activities of this program have officially ended with the trip to Bayanchandmani Soum, Tuv aimag.

Within the framework of the program, we organized 1-2 activities per month for young scholarship recipients. They have participated in a lecture on Mongolian culture, a visit to Mongolian traditional calligraphy and craft guild to learn calligraphy, a visit to a nomad family, free time activity in the Ikh Tenger mountain, a visit to the Government Palace of Mongolia, a tour of the Bayanchandmani soum's greenhouse farm and an egg factory, sports activities, and a closing dinner.

Thank you to the scholarship holders who actively participated in the program. The next round of scholarships will be announced in October this year.


Visited the "Shuuder" craft guild of Mongolian traditional writing and handicrafts. Thank you teacher Tserendavaa for welcoming us.


As a free time activity, we hiked the Ikh Tengeriin Am of the Bogd Khan Mountain.


We visited two herdsmen's families in Bayanchandmani Soum to learn about traditional Mongolian culture and Tsagaan sar/ Lunar New Year. Thank you G. Ariunbold, governor of Bayanchandmani soum.


Participated in "Nomadic" personal development course. Thanks to trainer Khosbayar.


Mongolian students and young people from Kalmyk, Tuva, Buryat, Altai, and Southern Mongolia visited the Government Palace of Mongolia.


Sports activities. A volleyball tournament was organized in the sports hall of Bayanchandmani Sүum Polytechnic College.


On the trip to get to know the enterprise, visited Bayanchandman Sүum's greenhouse. According to the laborer brother of this farm, he harvests crops from his greenhouse in winter and summer.

Visiting the "Bayan" egg factory, the largest egg factory in Mongolia, located in Bayanchandmani soum. He said that the factory has approximately 800,000 chickens.

Bayanchandmani's last day. Before heading back to Ulaanbaatar.

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