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Traditional Mongolian essay contest award ceremony on the occasion of Southern Mongolia Support Day

On the occasion of the on the occasion of Southern Mongolia Support Day, May 11, the award ceremony of traditional Mongolian essay contest "SOUTHERN MONGOLIA I KNOW " was organized.

The Japanese-based South Mongolia Congress and the World Mongol Federation jointly held the second “SOUTHERN MONGOLIA I KNOW” Mongolian traditional script essay contest on the occasion of International Mother Language Day on February 21, 2023, and received essays nationwide over a two-month period. Held the award ceremony at the May 11, "Southern Mongolia Support Day". The contest was held in three categories: high school 10 to 12th grade, middle school 6 to 9th grade, and university and college students. A total of 18 students received the prize. Contest essays were received online, and the selection process was influenced by the content, composition, and handwriting of the essays. A total of 181 high school, middle school, and university and college students from the capital city and all 21 aimags across Mongolia participated in the contest.

It was again noteworthy that Mongolian language and traditional script teachers from rural areas trained their students in order to participate in this contest. Many of the students who participated in the essay contest expressed their gratitude for participating in the competition by rehearsing their Mongolian traditional script better, working with their teachers, and studying and learning about the history of Southern Mongolia.

The Mongolian traditional script is not only a common value of Mongolians, but also a precious heritage that has been at the forefront of the felt-dwelling nomad culture, education, books, and scriptures for the last thousand years. It is unfortunate that many Mongolians will no longer be able to speak, write or learn their native language as a result of the gradual reduction of the Mongolian Language in Southern Mongolia /known as Inner Mongolia/ from 2019 and changes in the school and kindergarten curriculum. Mongolia has set a goal to switch to the Mongolian traditional vertical script in 2025, and preparations are underway. We are living in a time when everyone should work hard, as it is the sacred duty of all Mongolians to spread the Mongolian traditional script and pass it on to future generations.

Thank you so much to all the students and teachers who participated!

Make the Mongolian script be popular!

World Mongol Federation



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