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D.Sukhbaatar: Three. Uriankhai or Tuva-II


The Soviet Union accepted this decision of the Tuva Baga Khural in 1944 and decided to include Tuva as an autonomous region within the RSFSR of the Soviet Union.

Thus, the Soviets captured Uriankhai or Tuva in Mongolia with 300,000 inhabitants and 200,000 square kilometers of land in 1944.

This is how our Mongolian land, which is more than 200,000 square kilometers in size, has a lot of natural resources, forests, and mineral water, and has been lost to foreign lands by the communist traitors of Tuva. Mongolia's Uriankhai region was rich in gold, non-ferrous metals, and coal. The most active participant in the process of incorporating Tuva into the Soviet Union was Salchak Toka, the leader of the Communist Party of Tuva, who was awarded the Order of Lenin 7 times by the Soviet Union and awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labour for this "merit".

Salchak, who was a servant of Russian colonists during Tsarist Russia, is now a red revolutionary communist leader. After graduating from KUTV in Moscow, Salchak shot and killed 9 Tuva princes in 1938, and a total of 1,286 Tuva people were accused of being "Japanese spies" and "helping the white Kolchak". The murder of Salchak began in 1938 and continued until the end of 1950.


Who is Salchak Toka? Toka was born in 1901 in Mergen, Tuva village of Saryg Sek Kaa. In the years 1910-1921, a Russian servant worked as an assistant to the colonists of Tsarist Russia. When the Russian Red Army entered Tuva in 1921, he actively supported them, he served in the Russian Red Army in 1924-1925, he graduated from The Communist University of the Toilers of the East / KUTV / in Moscow in 1925-1929, and on the instructions of the Comintern, he was removing 16 statesmen from leadership of the state of Tuva as an anti-revolutionary representative of black and yellow feudalism in 1929. He was a spy of the NKVD, who organized the Red Massacre in his country.

Toka believed that "my dream is to include Tuva in the Soviet Union. "He was awarded the rank of Lieutenant General of the Soviet Army. Toka died in 1973 at the age of 72. He worked as the head of the Tuvan People's Revolutionary Party all his life. Toka is a red communist who organized Stalin's massacres in his country and made his country part of the Soviet Union. Red communists are only destroyers of our country, terrorists, destroyers of our national culture, and murderers of our people. Toka was just that kind of communist. There is no difference from Stalin.

During the 1941-1945 war, the people of Tuva gave the Soviet army 700,000 cattle, 50,000 horses, 52,000 pairs of skis, 10,000 winter coats, 97 tons of wool, 400 tons of meat, and 30 million rubles worth of gold. At that time, it is said that a Tuva family with a hundred sheep gave all of them to the Red Russian soldiers. This was a sincere gift from the Tuva people.  Do today's Russians know or remember this?

After Tuva became part of the Soviet Union, several factories and power plants were built and connected to paved roads. In Tuva, the Kyzyl Airport was built in 1946, the "“Тываасбест/Tuva'sbest plant" in 1963, and the Kyzyl Thermal Power Plant in 1958. With the support of the communist leaders of Soviet Moscow, the Tuvans forced the Mongolian leaders to seize a total of 16,000 square kilometers of land from Mongolia between 1930 and 1958. While reading the history of Tuva in Russian, it was written that "in 1958, the Mongolia seized 2,000 square kilometers of land from Tuva" and slandered the Mongolia by burying the land they had seized from the Mongolia. Thus, our Tuva people have lost their warrior integrity during Chinggis khaan's era and have become very inhumane people.

To this day, the Tuva people say that "joining the Soviet Union was the best step, the wisest decision, and joining the Soviet family was an event that made the bright future of the Tuva." "We Tuvans were illiterate, dark and rude, we had centuries of religious ignorance, we Tuvans suffered centuries of oppression by the Manchus and Mongols, and we were a crudely backward country. Now we have gained our freedom and become a happy country. Mongols never oppressed Tuva. Uriankhai was an inseparable territory of Mongolia. Not a single Manchurian soldier was ever seen on Tuva land. But the Tuvans lived peacefully and happily under the protection of Mongolia, raised their horses and worshiped their God of salvation. In the twentieth century, the Tuvans lived in the hands of a foreign power for a hundred years and still did not come to their senses and there was no national renaissance. Now, Uriankhai /Tuvans/ people have forgotten that they were Mongols and Manchu literate, Buddhist, and eastern cultured Mongol ethnicity.

Recently, an old Tuva khoomii singer addressed the Russian president: "These Mongolians have registered our Tuva khoomii to the United Nations UNESCO as Mongolian cultural heritage. Khoomii's culture is not Mongolian culture, but our Russian heritage."

Once upon a time, Tuva cattle thieves entered the northern border of Mongolia and stole Mongolian cattle many times and killed Mongolian people. There were many such crimes. The most foolish act of the Uriankhai people is that they did not submit to Russia by following their own footsteps, but instead took away a huge territory of Mongolia and gave it to Russia. Khovd region and Uriankhai region belonged to the territory of Mongolia for centuries and were an integral part of Mongolia. The Kalmyks went to the Volga River themselves and submitted to Russia, the Buryats were conquered by the Russian Cossacks, and the Uriankhai -Tuvans gave the rich and beautiful lands of Mongolia to a foreign power.

Tuva people boast that "Tuva is an independent country" is an empty lie. They did not become an independent state, but became a closed territory under the Russian Federation. The autonomous state of the national minorities of communist Russia and communist China is not a country, it is just a state and a territory of a great power without any authority. Such corrupt people who betrayed their motherland and trampled on the Mongolian law have appeared more than once among the Mongols.

Hundred years ago, Mr. Buyanbadrakh, a blind chief who did not know the reason for Uriankhai's borders, betrayed his Mongolian country and sacrificed the sacred land of Mongolian ancestors to a foreign power, and the red communist Toka's great sin of making Tuva a part of the Soviet Union and repressing and killing its people. The consequences are still on the backs of the Tuva people. Poor people.

The people of Tuva were oppressed by the Russian Red Communism for 70 years, their idols of God, their native language, and vertical Mongolian writing were destroyed, their livestock and property were confiscated, and their history and culture were destroyed. The Tuva people now do not know their native language, do not know their national literacy, their religion and culture have been destroyed, and they are a minority of the nation who only speak Russian. Pasture lands and natural resources are destroyed and looted, crime flourishes, the economy deteriorates, and a difficult life awaits the people. Instead of improving the lives of the Tuva people and solving the problem, "The Tuva people have been freed from the oppression of the Manchus and Mongols and achieved great success by joining the Russian country." Until now, it repeats itself like a parrot and poisons the people with empty praise.

Tuva is now one of the poorest regions in Central Asia. Until now, the capital Kyzyl is not connected to the railway, industry and infrastructure are not developed, and it is still a closed area. They do not have the authority to solve their problems on their own, and as before, they ask Moscow for all their problems and look at their mouths. Unemployment in Tuva reached 22.0 percent. 412 km of railway to be laid in the direction of "Kuragino-Kyzyl" has not yet been built. Coal reserves in Tuva are 14.2 billion tons. The issue of how to extract and use the coal and how to transport it by rail has not yet been resolved. It is not yet clear whether Tuva's economy will develop or whether it will be able to reduce poverty.

In 1961, Tuva gained autonomous status. In 1991, the Republic of Tuva was declared in the Constitution. Thus, the Tuva people named themselves "Tuva". The territory of Tuva is now 168 thousand square kilometers and the population is 313 000. Tuva has 2 cities, 17 districts and 120 villages. Uriankhai people now call themselves Tuva. When they go abroad, they call themselves Tuva and no one understands. It has been a hundred years since they forgot that they are Uriankhai Mongols. Now they did not remember that they were the Mongols of King Bogd Chinggis, and that was a citizen of Bogd Khanate Mongolia, that they were descendants of Chinggis's mason general Subutai hero, and that they were in the family of Buddhist Asian cultured Mongolia. Their intelligence and Mongolian genius was swept away by the genocidal policy storm of a foreign power. Who is Tuva now? They became a Russian thinker with a Mongolian face.

This is a great tragedy of the Mongolian people. Now we Mongolians don't need to complain. But now we Mongolians need to help the people of Tuva to restore their native language, traditional culture and religion and expand our relations. Tuva arbitrarily seceded from Mongolia, their native country, just like the Mongols, and due to the wrong decision of some blind princes and leaders of Uriankhai, they gave a large territory of Mongolia to a foreign power and the people who suffered from being oppressed.

Miserable Mongols, miserable motherland, miserable land.

Publicist: Sukhbaatar Dorj, lawyer, journalist, publicist, historian, and theologian 

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