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Free Mongolian language lessons are taught at the Buryad Center.

A month has passed since the free Mongolian language lessons for citizens from Russia were held at the Buryad Information Center. The event is organized by volunteer members of the "Community Aid Group" in Mongolia.

Mongolian language lessons 3 times a week:
Wednesday 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Saturday: 12:30-2:30 p.m.
Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

So far, Mongolian language lessons have been taught 4 times. The organizers of the course emphasized the need for the following help. These include:

  1. Textbooks and materials: If there are textbooks, materials, and links needed for teaching Mongolian to foreigners, can help.
  2. If there are children's books with alphabets and simple phrases that help them learn to read and practice words, you can donate to those who are about to learn Mongolian or are just learning Mongolian.
  3. Advice: If there are teachers who have experience teaching Mongolian to foreigners, especially Russian speakers, they can help us by giving advice.
  4. Teachers: Teachers who have experience in teaching Mongolian to foreigners, teachers of Mongolian, elementary school, Russian language, people who do not have a teaching profession but have experience in teaching Mongolian, or those who do not meet all these requirements, but prepare and carefully teach elementary Mongolian. Those who can can join us. (If you can speak Russian even for a short while, you may or may not be able to speak Russian, is okay).
  5. Speaking Club: If there are people who teach spoken Mongolian to Russian citizens and teach speaking clubs, join them. Speaking practice after school is not suitable for the above, but there may be people who want to help their compatriots learn Mongolian. You can host a speaking club at your office or at work.
  6. Interpreter: Volunteer group need Russian-speaking people who can come and provide translations for Mongolian language classes.

At the moment, there are several people who are helping, so it doesn't that all the burden will be on the shoulders of one or two people. Take turns teaching or if you are busy, you can teach a lesson once or twice a month when there is no one to teach.

Therefore, those who want to teach Mongolian language lessons and practice speaking to citizens from Russia contact to Uuganbayar Firstborn-Joy  or join the group Сайн дурынхан: Элэг нэгтнүүддээ туслах идэвхтнүүд .

The address of Buryad information center "Naiman Sharga" :
North of the Channel 25 TV building. North of Yellow Shop.
Enter through the door marked 8 sharga, go to the Ailison store on the first floor, past the Uran Uurgach exchange, and take the stairs to the 5th floor.
Naiman Sharga Exchange


Also, many kind-hearted Mongolians help the center. Recently, E. Oyunbold, the mother of the champion, entertained the compatriots from Russia with horse meat, curd, and sea buckthorn juice. Thank you to Александр Алимаасүрэн, the mother of E.Oyunbold champion.

You can also attend the Mongolian language classes held at the Buryad Information Center at the Naiman Sharga and teach, meet and talk with the young people after the class, and entertain them out for tea and refreshments.

We should support our Ethnic Mongol brothers and sisters who are far away from home with things such as emotional and material help.

Source: Uuganbayar