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"World Mongol" scholarship certificate handover

A total of more than 30 young people from Kalmyk, Tuva, Buryat, Altai and Southern Mongolia studying in Mongolian universities and colleges named after Elbegdorj Tsakhia the former President of Mongolia, sent their materials and 12 students with active initiative and passion for Mongolia were selected and awarded.

The special feature of the "World Mongol" scholarship is that it includes young people of Mongol ethnicity who came to Mongolia from Russia due to the situation in the world. The scholarship will provide specific personal support for tuition fees and will also provide a 6-month development program for the selected young people.

The purpose of the scholarship: to support young people who want to work and live in Mongolia and promote Mongolia internationally through the scholarship, and to ensure the participation and contribution of Mongolia in the international arena in strengthening the harmony and cooperation of the Mongol ethnicity.

The goal of the scholarship: Let the best students and young people who are the future of the World Mongols:

  • Introduction to Mongolian culture, tradition, history and social life;
  • To support them to contribute to the development of the country where they live and work in Mongolia;
  • To make a valuable contribution as an intermediary to increase Mongolia's relations with Mongolian ethnic nations of the world;

"World Mongol" student scholarship program is jointly organized by "Elbegdorj Institute" (EBI) and "World Mongol Federation".

We would like to thank all the representatives who came to support our activities, the staff of the Mongol Art Gallery, and A. Margad, the fiddler of the Khusugtun ethnic band.

World Mongol Federation





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