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Artist T. Odon painted a realistic portrait of Chinggis Khaan

According to historical sources, Chinggis Khaan's portrait is a portrait painted by Mongolian artist Khori khasun in 1278 commissioned by Khubilai Khaan. There are two copies of the portrait created by order of Khubilai Khaan, and it is impossible to determine which one was copied from which. Now one is in the National Palace Museum of Taiwan and the other is in the National Museum of China, and these museums dispute each other's portrait as the original. In any case, scientists have proved that both these two very similar portraits are works of the 13th century. It is believed that one may have been painted for worship purpose and another was created for Chinggis Khaan’s descendants.

The work was created by the artist T. Odon in realistic painting.


Aldar Sukhee