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Mongol ethnic groups who fled the Russian mobilization came to Mongolia in large numbers

As Kalmyk, Tuva and Buryat Mongol ethnicities of the Russia came to Mongolia in large numbers fleeing the Russian military mobilization, long lines and queues formed at Altanbulag port in Ulan-Ude. There are reports that young men of military age are about to be banned from leaving the border.

According to the The General Authority for Border Protection, 5,001 Russian citizens have entered the border with Russia through the Altanbulag port in the last 10 days.

Also, let's call on Mongolians not to spread false information about the recent Buryat citizen's possible attack on the body of a Mongolian citizen due to one person's mistake! All the Buryats who entered Mongolia are very worried and talk about collecting donations for the victims.

Mongolia does not have reciprocal visas between the two countries, so it is possible to work and study in Mongolia by changing the visa, but as the refugee problem has become clear, Mongolians need to be organized, especially young people of Mongolian descent, to help them find their place in Mongolia. Once our president of the federation said "Mongolia is the homeland of all Mongols".

Calling all Mongolians to help our Mongols in difficult times, considering it a noble human duty for us independent Mongolia.

President of  the The World Mongol Federation (WMF) Ts. Elbegdorj made a statement to the public about the current situation, President Putin and those fleeing from Russia, including Buryat, Tuva, and Kalmyk Mongol brothers who are being mobilized by force, the people of Ukraine, President Zelensky and the world. The announcement received worldwide attention, with CNN, DW and public figures continuing to highlight it.

Statements are still coming from associations and organizations of Buryats in abroad, asking the Mongolian brothers to help and support them.

Due to the fact that the ethnic minorities of the Russian Federation, especially the Mongols of Kalmyk, Tuva, and Buryat, are heavily affected by the mobilization, young men of military age have gone to neighboring countries.

Specifically from the public:

  • An hour after Putin's announcement, In Ulan-Ude, called young people under the age of 45 into the military, and if they don't go, they will be jailed for treason.
  • In Buryatia, men were called late at night to call for conscription or brought directly from his home, and the car loaded with newly recruited soldiers left at the night.
  • People about 60 years old were also loaded.
  • Initiatives such as teaching the Mongolian language, history of Mongolia, laws of Mongolia, etc. to the Mongols who have entered the country have been launched.
  • As for the remote Kalmyks, the border is closed to those who have served in the military, but the situation is still trying to escape to the countries of Central Asia.
  • They said that the students will not be drafted into the army, but in Ulaan-Ude, the police and guards are taking the students away from their university classes.
  • From the beginning, the Mongolians have started meeting them and are trying to meet with the representatives of the Russian Buryats who are fleeing the war and made a joint registration and provided legal assistance.
  • From the beginning, those refugees who entered have started contacting many Mongolians, and they are in dire need of more legal advice and information to stay in Mongolia.
  • There is an initiation from public to give special cards for Buryat, Tuva and Kalmyk .
  • There are suggestions that we should pay attention to those young refugees coming in as a human resource for working.
  • The head of the Buryatia also urged his countrymen to war and wanted them to win.
  • In the future, it is necessary to pay attention to cooperation with the United Nations Refugee Agency.
  • It is necessary to organize a voluntary organization to help young people from Buryat, Tuva, and Kalmyk, who are coming in large numbers. An initiative was launched that would be effective if individuals worked together on a voluntary basis.
  • People said that there is a historic opportunity to accept Mongols and give them citizenship and increase our population and contribute to development.

Ts. Elbegdorj, the President of the World Mongol Federation, called on his Twitter page to warmly welcome our fellow Mongols:

"Mongols from Buryat, Kalmyk and Tuva are coming to Mongolia more and more. Welcome with open arms. World Mongols, independent Mongolia. This is the precious heritage of every Mongols. Every Mongol is a motherland to another Mongol."

Of course, there are many issues to consider

B. Tsenddoo: Think about that Russia may send troops in the name of searching for military fugitives, like when the Red Army entered in the name of liberating White Russians, and think about what to do if they illegally cross the border if the Buryats are not able to come to Mongolia.

P. Naranbayar: Mongolia is faced with the problem of refugees. Although not considered an outright refugee at this time, time will show off. What if Putin demands a rollback? This will be a matter of the Constitution of Mongolia. It is important to reflect on many aspects.

Khariad: There is a UN Refugee Convention. There is a principle that people have the right to be free from fear. We should assign the status of "Asylum seeker" to those fleeing from Russia. There is a precedent that other countries concentrate in one place. Are we ready?

Mongolian famous political analyst and publicist Baabar delivered very important positions:

  • Buryat, Tuva youths are allowed freely, they are the same Mongols. If the embargo continues, we will be the scourge of the world when Putin's government collapses and Russia disintegrates. Russian citizens have the right to stay for 1 month without a visa, and 1 year if they are studying. We need Mongol brothers and sisters who speak Mongolian. Create a Mongolian language course.
  • Let's help the Buryat, Kalmyk, and Tuva who are fleeing the war to their countrymen. Unfortunately, They became Russian citizens by destiny. Currently, we have a labor shortage and 200,000 jobs are vacant.  People who fled the war in 1914 was accepted by Bogd khaan's government and Buryats who fled the commune in 1927 were accepted by the People's State.
  • At the beginning of the World War in 1914, the Buryats first fled through Khuvsgul and Bulgan aimags. One of them is Jamsrano. In 1921, many intellectuals came to Mongolia during the people's revolution, and they contributed a lot to the citizenship of Mongolia. Danzan repeatedly asked the Russians to make the Buryats citizens of Mongolia.
  • In 1927, the Buryats, mostly herders, came to Khentii,  Dornod, fleeing collectivization. At the request of the Russians, built an Onon Buryat small province and defended them as Mongolian citizens. In 1934, it was the Russians, not the Mongolian government, who massacred the Buryats by disbanding the small province.
  • The Buryats, who belonged to Russia for 300 years, were educated in the culture of western, which had a great influence on the Mongols' civilization. From the simple life of bread and potatoes, in the 1960s, when MAS was established, the majority of 9 academicians were Buryats. Buryats are nationalistic rather than Khalkh and Oirats.
  • Before Russian occupation in the 17th century, the area up to Baikal belonged to the Tusheet Khan and was the land of typical Mongols. Later, 100 years later, Russian researchers confirmed that they were not Mongols. The surname Buryat did not exist at all, it was a name given by Russia. In 1958, the last primary school in Buryat was closed.
  • As Mongolia is not included in the UN Refugee Convention, refugees will not be accepted. Refugees arrived in large numbers at border crossings without permits. Russia and Mongolia have an agreement on visa-free entry for citizens for a period of one month. Port entry is legal. Let's teach Mongol origin in the course.

Calling for recruitment.

It is right to accept Russian refugees and Mongols in Mongolia. People's initiatives have started to appear in the online environment to welcome and support Russian refugees and Mongols, to get organized and do certain things. There are many things we can do to help them settle in Mongolia, provide further employment, training, and access to relevant human rights organizations. From the beginning, there were job ads.

Job ads are collected and integrated into the World Mongol Federation page and Twitter.

Although there are citizens who want to provide jobs, if only 5% can be foreign workers, then they cannot hire more than 1 person in a job with 10 people, preferably 50% of the salary will be paid to the state. What are the procedures for taxes and health insurance? It is necessary to pay attention to problems such as the small number of people who speak Russian.

Here are screenshots of the public's position in cyberspace:

A few Buryat youths who had managed to cross the border last night were welcomed to our hotel in Sukhbaatar. We must help them escape the war and live in freedom.

Is there a historical opportunity to welcome our fellow Mongols and give them citizenship and increase our population and contribute to development?

Buryats were loaded from 02:00 am the night before. People over the age of 60 and people who are not registered in the military reserve were also transported. Relatively few people from Irkutsk were mobilized. Buryat towns and villages are crying. I want to help them even small.

You can contact Otgonbayar Jadambaa address to help with the activities they are organizing:

He is working to organize meetings and do specific activities, and on his page:
I met more than 150 Buryat brothers and sisters. Contact the following people? Fortunately, there is a shortage of 200,000 jobs in Mongolia.
▪️If you are looking to hire a Russian speaker
▪️If there are jobs to be placed
▪️If there is an employment agency, (Of course, volunteer to help)
It is the responsibility of Mongolia to ensure the safety of these citizens.
Some of them came with their families and saw a lot of young people with babies. Therefore, I gave advice on how to get health services.
See later that by helping these guys, we will keep the name of Democratic country high.
Don't promote war, if you don't follow the laws of Mongolia, there is a law that will issue you immediately. Please don't forget our help when you return to your homeland in peacetime.
Clauses 27.1 and 27.5 of the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals may extend the visa after 30 days for the following reasons:
Studying, Employment, Immigration, with this provision, Mongolia can extend a VISA and work within the framework of Mongolian law.
Note: I think that their information and names should be kept secret if they don't post a picture of their face.



His other posts:

Right now, young people with Russian license plates are keep entering the border of Mongolia. 4-5 person sat down. The procession of Buryats and Russian military servicemen who say they will not kill people with guns has just begun.

We have 2 buryats sleeping. They came in the clothes they were wearing. They ran away from the border and their mother crying and asking a help in Mongolian. What to do now?

Knock on the door of Yakut, Tuva, Buryat, Chechnya and ask for 2 options.

  1. Kill them there with a gun in their hand
  2. Or give a 10-year prison sentence and send them to war from there.

All Buryat soldiers who entered Mongolia wanted to survive. If we return them, we are no different from murderers.


Comedian Munkhbat: A friend who graduated from Russia is writing. Here, only Buryar and Kalmyk youths from Ulan-Ude are being mobilized for war. Trying to cross the border from Russia is struggling. That friend's cousin and relative died in the war. I am anxiously waiting to see if I can cross the border.

Enkhsaikhan Mendsaikhan \Former PM of Mongolia\: The Mongolian government should take its patronage and cooperate with the United Nations Refugee Agency. They will come in thousands. Show them a good neighbor.

G.Ganbat: The Kyakhta Telegram channel, which writes about Kyakhta, reported that a large number of people gathered and queued at the checkpoint on the border of Russia's Buryat with Mongolia. The number of people leaving Russia for Mongolia is increasing rapidly. It is starting.

Students will not be included in military mobilization. Therefore, the way to escape from mobilization is to have student status. Thousands of young Russians, Buryats and Tuvans are registered in UB's private universities. Buryat, Kalmyk and Tuva youth should be given more opportunities.

It is only a matter of time before Putin's regime is defeated in Ukraine, and until then it is here. I wish the schools that received the fees would at least teach Mongolian.

Tuvshin: A convoy of young people who fled the military draft formed on Kyakhta. What if we look them as the labor force? We want to have more tourists, so this is what we want. They will bring income to all sectors, such as hotels, food, and goods. The negative side should be avoided.


V.Enkhtamir: I would like to have a Mongolian green card for Buryat, Kalmyk citizens. Also, we can give some livestock to them.

Tayar: The Buryats are forcibly loaded. Young people are constantly asking how to get to Mongolia.

Ts.Oyungerel: The Buryats weren't able to enter Mongolia. I am afraid that either side will close the border. It is said that men are being loaded regardless of age and military exemption status.

Open annual Mongolian and English language courses and teach them to Buryats. If you keep them in training, you can keep them out of the war without having to extend their visas.

Ts.Uyanga: First, We need to organize a training course to help the Buryats who have entered. Mongolian language, history of Mongolia, laws of Mongolia, etc. They don't even know who they are.

Maidar: In Buryat, a summons was issued to a father with many children who did not serve in the military. According to his wife, her husband has not served in the military and has 5 young children, so he is not required to be mobilized, but a summons was issued. In addition, he will be sent to Chita in the near future. Our poor Kalmyks are trying to flee to Central Asian countries after mobilization.

Aldar: Police and National Guard immediately took the students away from Ulan-Ude University classes. Buryads have gone to war in large numbers before. I want them to take a break.

World Mongol Federation