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Message from Elbegdorj Tsakhia, President of the World Mongol Federation

Message from Elbegdorj

Good Morning, Good Day, and Good Evening to all my friends who are watching me and listening to me.

I am one of the eight sons of herdsmen. I am one of you, who dearly loves freedom and peace. I am one of the proud citizens of a free and independent Mongolia.

I have a simple message to President Putin: “Mr. President stop the war. Прекратите войну. I met with you on many occasions. You have the power to stop this war right now.  Now it’s time to make peace. My heart is breaking apart when I see Russia. Since you started this war Russia has been drowned in fears, full of tears. Your mobilization brings oceans of suffering. Mr. President, stop your senseless killings and destruction.”

I have a message for those who are fleeing Russia. The World will meet you with open arms and hearts. Today you are fleeing brutality, cruelty, and likely death. Tomorrow you will start freeing your country from dictatorship. I know since the start of this bloody war, ethnic minorities who live in Russia suffered the most. The Buryat Mongols, Tuva Mongols, and Kalmyk Mongols have suffered a lot. They have been used as nothing more than cannon fodder. Hundreds of them are wounded. Thousands of them have been killed. We the Mongols will meet you with open arms and hearts as well..

I also have a message to those being forced to fight Putin’s war in Ukraine. Don’t shoot Ukrainians. Don’t shoot your sisters and brothers, children and elders. Do not kill that country. Do not kill their freedom. Ukraine has a full right to exist.

Finally, I have a message to the brave people of Ukraine and to President Zelensky. Thank you for your bravery and leadership. The best side of the world is with you. You are an inspiration. When you win, all people will win. No dictatorship lasts forever. The united will of people’s freedom will always prevail. Slava Heroyam


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia