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World Mongols: Khalin,15th generation princess of Oirat Mongol,

Khalin, surnamed Duvchin, from Eznee River khoshuu (headland), Alshaa province of Southern Mongolia, Torguud Mongol. 15th generation noble princess. Hanz: 哈琳

Khalin, 15th generation of Oirat Torguud kings, the granddaughter of the Torguud's last prince\van. Ravjir, the son of Ayuk Khaan of Kalmykia, was caught by the Manchus on his way back from the Tibet, and they banished him on the Eznee river, which is Torguud khoshuu (headland) of the Eznee river. Khalin is the granddaughter of Mr. Tsagaanjav prince\van, the late governor of Eznee river. Khalin now lives in Alshaa and is a famous singer.

She has also acted in several movies that we know.

In 2018, the wife of the main character of the movie "Golden Egg".

In 2018, played a role in the movie "Torguud Prince\van".

From her songs

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Mothering of mothers and children

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