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Art of World Mongols: The paintings by Khairkhan, an artist from Southern Mongolia, express the existence of Mongolian traditional life

Expressing one's social problems through art and spreading an idea to the public is a classical method of influence, such as expressing one's struggle in a peaceful way, which has been handed down since ancient times.

Let's introduce this series of pictures and art works of the World Mongols.

In Southern Mongolia, many ethnic Mongolians have been fighting to preserve their traditional life, language, and culture, and it is a matter of pride that they have passed it down to the present day, but there are still more challenges. We feel a clear example of this more clearly than any of their struggles affecting the world, and we love and protect our brothers and sisters more and more.

Here are some works of Khairkhan, an artist from Southern Mongolia, which shows the pasture land issue, vanishing traditional nomadic lifestyle, land seizure in Inner Mongolian Autonomous region \Southern Mongolia\.

World Mongol Federation

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