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N. Baatar: Appeal for the World Mongols

Baatar N., a member of the World Academy of Genghis khan, shared his heartfelt condolences to the World Mongols when he visited our World Mongol Federation and passed the following message to the World Mongols.

"Let the Russian Mongols stand up for the Chinese Mongols, and let the Chinese Mongols stand up for the Russian Mongols! But let us, the independent Mongolia, be the historical and cultural link of all Mongols!"

He also composed eight songs dedicated to the prophets of the World Mongols, and expressed his sincere desire to clip them into art. The songs are: "Mongolian homeland", "Mongolian Men", "Mongolian Mother", "Mongolian Kids", "Mongolian Ger", "Mongolian Heirloom", "Mongolian Livestock" and "Mongolian Bankhar".

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