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Sukhbaatar Dorj, lawyer, journalist, publisher, historian and theologian

Sukhbaatar D. was born in Undurkhaan, Khentii province. His father, Dorj.S, is a native of Zuunbayan-Ulaan soum, Uvurkhangai aimag. His grandfather Sonom is a nobleman of Uizen Vang Khoshuu of Sain Noyon Khan aimag. His mother, Serj D., is a native of Murun soum, Khentii aimag. Sukhbaatar D. graduated from high school in Undurkhaan, Khentii province. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University in Baku, the Soviet Union, with a degree in law. He graduated from the Academy of Management in 2005 as a Public Administration Manager.

Sukhbaatar D. worked as a senior organizer of the Governor's Office of Baganuur and Khan-Uul districts of Khentii aimag and the capital city, a legal advisor, a journalist for the state newspaper “Ardiin Erkh” and a legal advisor for the Meteorological and Environmental Research Agency. He is currently the Head of the NGO "Book Light - Green Earth". Sukhbaatar D. is a Master of Laws and a member of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists Sukhbaatar D.’s books cover a wide range of topics in Western and Eastern history, culture, religion, art, science, meditation, enlightenment, Buddhism, socio-politics, cognition, and personal development. He has translated a wide range of rare foreign sources that have not been studied in Mongolia.

Books written and published by Sukhbaatar D.: “Occupied Mongols” 1999, “Budhha - Human World” 2005, “Monk's Speech” 2008, “Enlightenment” 2013, “Doctrine of Salvation” 2015, “Traveled from The Sacred Tibet to the Land of the Sun 2019, “Self-Creation” 2019, “Golden Linage” 2020, “Russia” 2021, and “Golden Doctrine” 2022.