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World Mongols USA: “The Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center” In support of Mr.Munkhbayar.Ch, Open letter to the Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyun-Erdene L.

March 30, 2022

The Honorable Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene

Prime Minister of Mongolia

Government of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, a New York-based human rights organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of the rights of Southern Mongolia, I am writing to express our concerns regarding the case of Mr. Munkhbayar Chuluundorj.  As a well-known writer, journalist, and human rights activist, Munkhbayar has been one of the most vocal critics of China's colonial rule in Southern Mongolia.

His staunch advocacy for the national freedom of Mongolian people in occupied territories and his tireless efforts to safeguard the sovereignty and independence of Mongolia have earned him a reputation and respect not only in Mongolia but also among Southern Mongolians, Kalmyks, Buriats, and Hazaras.  We are particularly concerned by the Chinese authorities' increasing pressure on Mongolia, related to their efforts to silence critics on Mongolian soil. Mongolians all around the world are worried that Munkhbayar's arrest was carried out under direct instruction from the Government of China following your recent visit to Beijing during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and your statements to maintain an unusually cozy relationship with the authoritarian regime.

Disregarding one's own judicial process, incriminating citizens without any evidence, and threatening family members and attorneys with imprisonment are behaviors inconsistent with the fundamental principles of democracy, human rights, and rule of law that the Government of Mongolia has supposedly been upholding. Bowing to authoritarianism to persecute your own citizens not only loses the trust and confidence of all Mongolians in the Government of Mongolia but also undermines the credibility and reputation of Mongolia as a democracy in the international community.

For this reason, we urge you to take all necessary actions to release Munkhbayar immediately and restore his freedom and reputation.


Sincerely yours,

Enghebatu Togochog


68-37 108th St. 6A, Forest Hills, NY 11375, U.S.A.

Tel/Fax: (718)786-9236



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