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A Mongolian artist Hou Yimin created a Chinese yuan design

A Mongolian artist took part in of the Chinese Banknote or Yuan design.

Хөү Иминь-Монгол зураачийн зураг

Hou Yimin (1930) was born in Gaoyang, Hebei Province, China. He is the Mongolian nation. Renowned artist, educator, and honorary chairman of the Chinese Wall Art Association, he was awarded the 2013 China Fine Arts Prize.

Хятад юань- Хөү

He was involved in designing of 3 (1962) and 4 (1987) Chinese banknotes , and created these portraits on the banknotes. He is the best in oil painting, murals, pottery, sculpture, and archeology.

His paintings often depict Mongolians, livestock, and the countryside.

The famous artist, who is over 90 years old, now lives peacefully in Beijing.

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B.Khuuduut, Southern \Inner\ Mongolia Daily

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