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Was the fact that journalist Ch.Munkhbayar received 100,000 yen from Japan for the contest the reason for the arrestment? Statement of the Southern Mongolian Congress

Around February 17, Ch. Munkhbayar, a pro-Mongolian activist and nationalist journalist, received 100,000 yen from the Japanese-based Southern Mongolian Congress (SMC) to organize a contest in Mongolia, funded by foreign intelligence agencies. This coincided with the time of his arrest and interrogation. Regarding this case, Southern Mongolian Congress issued the statement.

Statement of the Southern Mongolian Congress

           We were shocked to learn that Mr. Ch. Munkhbayar, a well-known human rights activist and journalist, was arrested in Ulaanbaatar on February 17. Based on a press conference from the General Intelligence Agent (GIA) of Mongolia on national TV last Friday. "Journalist Mr. Ch. Munkhbayar received instructions and accepted funds from a foreign intelligence agency, conspired with foreign intelligence agencies to endanger national security, and was caught in action".
After watching the GIA announcement on television and seeing the criminal evidence provided by the GIA on social media. Our Tokyo-based NGO group, the Southern Mongolian Congress, made this statement.
The Southern Mongolian Congress was established in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2016, when Mr. Ch. Munkhbayar was the representative of the Mongolia branch. He was elected Vice-President of the second session of the South Mongolia Congress in 2021.
Aim to preserve and develop the traditional Mongolian script and encourage students to learn to use the traditional Mongolian script. The Southern Mongolia Congress and the Mongolia-based World Mongol Federation jointly organized the "Southern Mongolia I know" traditional Mongolian essay contest". The event will take place in Mongolia between February 21, 2022 and April 25, 2022.
We sent the money (about $2,000) to Mr. Ch.Munkhbayar, a principal organizer of this event, for the winning works and funds required for the event.
Sadly, the Mongolian intelligence agency arrested Mr. Ch. Munkhbayar "for illegally co-operating with foreign intelligence agencies".
Here we sincerely hope that the Mongolian government and law enforcement officials will clarify the case of Mr. Ch.Munkhbayar as soon as possible and release him.
Resource: Unimunkh Uriankhai
Southern Mongolian Congress
February 2/22/2022

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