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“SOUTHERN MONGOLIA I KNOW” Traditional Mongolian handwriting essay contest is announced

February 21, 2022, we celebrate International Mother language Day. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially declared February 21 as International Mother Language Day in 1999, and many countries around the world celebrate this day.
On the occasion of this day, the Southern Mongolia Congress in Japan and the World Mongol Federation announces a traditional Mongolian handwriting essay contest on "Southern Mongolia I know".
Receive guidelines!
"SOUTHERN MONGOLIA I KNOW" guide for the traditional Mongolian handwriting essay contest.
The Mongolian language and script is not only a common value of all Mongols, but also a precious heritage. It has been at the forefront of the perceived culture, education, books and scriptures over the past thousand years. The Mongol manuscript, which has been declared a state manuscript by Chinggis Khan, has faced numerous challenges throughout its history and has been handed down to us today. It is unfortunate that many Mongolians will no longer be able to speak, write or learn their native language as a result of the gradual reduction of the Mongolian script in Southern Mongolia from 2019 and changes in the school curriculum. Mongolia has set a goal to switch to the Mongolian script in 2025, and preparations are underway. We are living in a time, everyone should work hard, as it is the sacred duty of all Mongolians to spread the Mongolian script and pass it on to future generations.
Therefore, the “SOUTHERN MONGOLIA I KNOW” traditional Mongolian handwriting essay contest is announced from February 21 to April 25, 2022 among Mongolian secondary and high school students.
The contestants are divided into two age groups: middle school and high school:
a) Grades 6-9 or middle school,
b) Grades 10-12 or High school.
The purpose of the contest is to promote the traditional Mongolian script to our children and grandchildren, to promote our Mongolian brothers and sisters, and to reward the best writers.
Contest topic:
-Write what you know about the culture and history of indigenous Mongols living within the borders of Southern Mongolia or present China.
-You can also write about the historical and modern geniuses or celebrities of Southern Mongolia.
- If you are friends with a Southern Mongolian child, or if you know a Southern Mongolian person well, you can write about it.
300-500 words. Write in traditional Mongolian.
At the end of the entry, be sure to include your name, address, email, and phone number.
Submissions: Entries must be received by April 25.
Materials will be received in original and double files.
Original address: Sukhbaatar district, 8th khoroo, Ardiin Erkh newspaper building, 2nd floor, room 202
Email address for file: 
Contact: 70000998; 90808511;
The Southern Mongolian Congress will select the best works until May 5 and the World Mongol  Federation will hold an award ceremony.
Criteria of selection:
Participate in handwritten transcripts on A4 or A3 paper. Judges will be judged on the content, style, spelling, and wording of the recording. Prizes will be mailed to selected participants from provinces.
In each of the two age categories:
1st place - one. Honors and cash prizes / 300 000 MNT /
2nd place - one. Honors and cash prizes / 250,000 MNT /
3rd place - one. Honors and cash prizes / 200,000 MNT /
Special prizes - three. Honors and cash prizes / 100,000 MNT each /
The results of the contest and the works of the winners will be published on the websites and social media of the World Mongol Federation, and Southern Mongolian Congress.
General organizer:
“The mother tongue I learned growing up
Unforgettable culture
Homeland of the my whole life
Inseparable country "

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