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The Morin Khuur Center in North America successfully hosted the 2nd Morin Khuur Festival in the United States on October 9-10. The first North American Morin Khuur Festival was held at the University of Michigan in 2019 since then it will be held every two years. This time it was held at the University of Berkeley. "It's a big accomplishment to organize the Morin Khuur Naadam at one of the world's most prestigious schools," said Jigjiddorj Morin Khuurch Nanzaddorj, the festival's organizer.

Interestingly, the first Morin Khuur Naadam in the United States in 2019 was co-organized by Mongolians in the United States, the Mongolian State Morin Khuur Ensemble, the US branch of the Khuurchin Training Center, and students and researchers from the Mongolian Cultural Organization (MCO) at the University of Michigan.

According to the Montsame agency, a short documentary "Strings of the Heart" was made by foreign and domestic artists in connection with the organization of the Morin Khuur Festival abroad. The Mongolian-produced documentary was nominated for the New York Flash Film Festival. The film was made two years ago during the first Morin Khuur Festival in Europe.

From the impressions of the Naadam spectators:

"The 2nd Morin Khuur Festival, which is being held on October 9-10, 2021 in Berkeley, California, USA, is going very well.

The evening was packed with spectators.

Congratulations to all the masters, professionals, and amateur teams who organized a wonderful Morin Khuur concert in Bay Area!

The children of 'Gingoo' from Chicago were very well organized. Congratulations to the teachers, parents and children of Gingoo!

For me, it was the most beautiful show I've ever seen.

Tuya, Berkeley, California, 2021.10.09 "

Also, check out her interview from the festival at the following link!

Morin Khuur Naadam 2 interviews 1

Morin Khuur Naadam 2 interview 2

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